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Published Wednesday 8 March 2017
  • Aged Care

I wanted somewhere where I could have my meals cooked for me, my laundry done and someone to talk to at the dinner table. The staff are just beautiful. They make me feel so special, so loved, so welcome and so comfortable. They have lovely hearts. It was just so easy to fit in. I am very grateful for the opportunity.

I go to exercises every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it is amazing how well you feel after you have done the exercises in the chair. The hairdresser is lovely, I have had my hair cut several times. Everything flows here, it’s just like home. I have a girlfriend who calls it my first class hotel. She tells everyone “you should see Fay’s first class hotel”.

To have the company and to have someone to help you put your eye-drops in, to turn the light off and say “goodnight”. It’s lovely to have someone say goodnight to you. It is just so comforting really.

Fay, is a resident at John Wesley Gardens aged care community in Geebung.

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