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Learn about life at Wesley Mission Queensland from people in the know - our staff, clients and supporters. 

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Embracing a new life in an aged care community: Gloria's story News

Learn how Nikki convinced her mum Sylvia to move to residential aged care. From being lonely at home, Sylvia found friends for life in Anam Care community.

Tags: Residential Aged Care

Sylvia and Gloria sewing team! At Anam Cara Aged Care Home.
Kaye - volunteer at Hyland House Day Respite Centre Testimonial

I mainly volunteer to give back to others. It also keeps me busy and learning new things. I certainly think I will be volunteering here for more years to come, or until I eventually become a member of Hyland House myself!

Tags: Respite

Woman smiling
Lorraine - Home Care and Respite Testimonial

“I’m finding Hyland House very helpful. The ladies that are a part of the craft group are all so lovely. It’s nice to be around people and it’s a good environment to be in, rather than sitting in a silent house by yourself.”

Tags: Home Care

Lorraine - Home Care and Respite - testimonial
Jenny - Home Care and Respite Testimonial

“The people here are great, I’ve made such good friends. You can have a laugh and joke with everyone, it’s really good.”

Tags: Home Care

Lady smiles with handmade cards
Judith's story - Kentish Court Testimonial

The staff are wonderful here. They’ve been so supportive. When you are having issues with pain or you are sad, they’re there for you and they’re lovely. They seem to work well as a team and I can’t speak highly enough of them.

Tags: Residential Aged Care

woman with her painting
Jim and Rita - Community Aged Care Testimonial

We feel so lucky to have gone with Wesley Mission Queensland and especially to have been assigned Donna as our Care Leader.

Tags: Home Care

Jeljo - Community Aged Care Testimonial

WMQ have a long history of supporting people. We take responsibility for the services we organise and provide, and we make sure our front-line workers are passionate about the important work they do.

Tags: Home Care

Man smiling
Verka - Community Aged Care Testimonial

I’d like to formally acknowledge our In Home Care Coordinator, Donna. Donna has always been there for us from the moment we started with Wesley Mission QLD. Donna is so competent, knowledgeable, professional and is a credit to Wesley Mission QLD.

Tags: Home Care

man sitting in chair
Jack - Volunteer, Community Transport Testimonial

My aim as a volunteer is to get every client to laugh and smile.

Tags: Volunteering

Man standing in front of transport
Kathy - Volunteer, Community Transport Testimonial

Late last year I found myself unemployed, after deciding not to pursue a job, I searched volunteering and I found Community Assisted Transport (CATS) program at WMQ. They welcomed me into their work family in February and I have not looked back.

Tags: Volunteering

Woman standing in front of a minibus
George - Volunteer, Community Transport Testimonial

I really enjoy the fact that my simple volunteering work has the potential to do something practical and positive for someone.

Tags: Volunteering

Man assisting woman out of minibus
Michelle Rees - Volunteer Testimonial

In my experience, volunteers are a lovely bunch of people and the Wesley Mission Queensland volunteers are amongst the friendliest. Their fundraising team are always on hand to provide support, and make sure their volunteers are well-looked-after.

Tags: Volunteering

woman smiling
Jan's story - Cooper House residential aged care community Testimonial

It’s the security - the security of knowing that if you’re not feeling well, you can talk to someone who knows what to do. And then they come back and ask you how you are. It’s comforting.

Tags: Residential Aged Care

Woman outside
Karl - Rosemount Retirement Community Testimonial

Karl Meng was one of the first people to put a deposit down for Sinnamon Park’s luxury retirement living community, Rosemount.

Tags: Retirement Living

Exterior of Rosemount Retirement Community building, taken from the level of the swimming pool
Sue - Rosemount Retirement Community Testimonial

After retiring in 2017, Sue Buckby made the decision to downsize and make the move into Wesley Mission Queensland’s Rosemount Retirement Community in Sinnamon Park.

Tags: Retirement Living

Rosemount building front entrance
Norman and Marjory - Rosemount Retirement Community Testimonial

“It just felt right”, these are the words that Norman and Marjory Gough used when explaining their move into Wesley Mission Queensland’s Rosemount Retirement Community.

Tags: Retirement Living

Couple looking out at sunset
Ruth - Wheller on the Park Testimonial

[Living at Wheller on the Park] has been wonderful, I’ve met so many beautiful and wonderful people.

Tags: Retirement Living

woman smiling
John - Brisbane Relief Hub Community Meal Testimonial

Community Meal is a place where people can come and feel safe, instead of hanging around on the streets.

Tags: Crisis relief

man in apron and cook's hat
Tamara - Clear Breeze Testimonial

Living here has had such a positive impact on my life and my family.

Tags: Disability and NDIS, Mental Health

two friendly women
Jess - Logan Youth Foyer Service Testimonial

If I need anything, even if I’m just having a bad day and need to talk to someone, they’re always here for me.

Tags: Housing and homelessness, Youth and parenting

young woman outside smiling

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