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Resident story: the shock value of moving into a retirement village

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Doug and Sue Trencher laugh about the shock value their move into retirement living had. 

Our friends were horrified, “you’re too young” they said’

But they couldn’t be happier with their decision.

Having rented for years but wanting something more permanent as they near retirement, Doug and Sue decided it was time to downsize and found their perfect fit at the recently opened stage 2 of Rosemount Retirement Living.

Both agree it was an easy move and they’ve just ‘slotted right in’. As Sue said:

There’s always somebody to have a chat with or you meet in the lift or the lobby. That's been very convivial.

Having now settled into the Rosemount lifestyle only weeks after moving in, the Trenchers feel making the move while still active, capable and independent was a real advantage. 

We've been able to get in and get our place set up within a month, and it's really looking great', Doug said.



Doug and Sue also chose Rosemount for what it offers both now and in the future

Exterior building at dusk with car driving by

Image: Rosemount is located in our Sinnamon Village precinct, offering retirement living, residential aged care, respite care, specialist disability accommodation, a wellbeing centre, a hydrotherapy pool and an onsite café.

In their ground floor unit, Doug and Sue are completely self-sufficient. Having a two-bedroom unit allows for them to host guests as Sue wants and have a room for footy watching as Doug wants. However, they both loved Rosemount for the additional support available once they started needing further assistance.

As Doug put it ‘we've got Dovetree (a residential aged care community) just across the road. So that means that we will still be able to be in the facility and be together even if one of us gets ill.’  Rosemount is also co-located with Fulton Wellbeing Centre, offering a hydrotherapy pool, seniors' gym and a large team of allied health professionals.

But for now, they’re enjoying all Rosemount has to offer. While both still working, Doug and Sue love having lunch at the restaurant, going for walks around the neighbourhood, planning gym excursions, and enjoying their garden.

Exterior of Rosemount Retirement Community building, taken from the level of the swimming pool

With so much to do now, future plans include testing out the pool and giving the bridge club and snooker a go, as Sue puts with a gleam in here eye, ‘that’ll come later.’

Sue finished by encouraging others to ‘Do it sooner':

Do it sooner. Move sooner. Downsize sooner … A lot of sentimentality, a lot of emotion goes into something like this. And it's better to do it earlier rather than later, or leave it to your children to sort out. You know, I think my two boys are quite relieved that we’re here and I've done the job for them.


Retirement Living at WMQ

A retirement village can provide a unique and supportive lifestyle. If you’re ready to make the transition or simply need more questions answered, give us a call or enquire online today.