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Child and youth mental health 

We offer a range of mental health services for children up to the age of 25, and their families. Whether it be general mental health or personal issues, addiction, or concerns related to gender identity, we can help. Brisbane, Gold Coast and Fraser Coast.

Our services

Ultraviolet Expressions Program

Peer-led psychosocial support groups for LGBTIQAP+ young people aged 12 to 25 across the Gold Coast. Are you questioning your sexuality or gender identity? Are you looking to meet other young people?

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Supporting Minds

Up to 3 months moderate-intensity mental health support for people in the Gold Coast who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms. We have programs for adults aged 16-65 and people who identify as LGBTIQ+ aged 12 to 65.

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Wesley Kids

One-on-one counselling, family therapy, group programs, school workshops and more for children up to 12 years of age, and families. Brisbane and Gold Coast.


Support and guidance to people aged 12 - 25 years experiencing mental health concerns, personal issues or addiction. Brisbane South and Fraser Coast.

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We also have a number of services available to a wide range of ages, including children and youth, in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 

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For more information on which program is right for you, call us on 1800 448 448 or contact us online.

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