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Sign language interpreting services

We provide experienced Auslan interpreters Australia wide to individuals who are Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing under the NDIS and those over 65 with no NDIS plans. We also provide interpreting services for professional service providers, businesses and government.

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Our Auslan services

NABS provides Auslan (Australian Sign Language) interpreters Australia wide for individuals who are Deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing.

NICSS provides Auslan interpreters for a wide range of professional and government service providers that make an appointment with anyone who uses Auslan, as well as conferences, meetings and events.

Book an interpreter

Interpreters can be booked:

  To attend onsite (face-to-face)

 To connect via video (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Zoom).

We book for:

 Individuals with interpreting in their NDIS plans

 Individuals over 65 with no NDIS plans free for private medical appointments

 Professional services, government agencies and healthcare providers

Our service is strictly confidential and information discussed at the appointment remains between the professional and their client. We aim to book the most appropriately qualified interpreter depending on the nature of the appointment.


It is in the best interest of both the professional service provider and Deaf consumer to have a qualified interpreter present at an appointment for legal and other reasons, including informed consent. 

Types of bookings


Individuals with NDIS plans


  Health appointments, such as medical and allied health appointments


  Personal appointments, such as to receive services or professional advice (e.g. hairdresser, beauty, gym, vet, home maintenance, accountant, church, bank, legal consultations)


  Employment meetings, interviews and appointments


  Personal occasions such as weddings, family gatherings


  Other community events and engagements


Individuals over 65 with no NDIS plans


  Private health appointments, such as medical and allied health appointments, including:


  GP and specialist














Professional services, government agencies and organisations


  Health – Community Health, Public Hospitals and Workcover


  Conferences, webinars, and events


  Educational institutions


  Professional services – accountants, lawyers, mediations


  Employers – workplace training, meetings and interviews


  Police and Courts


  NDIS Planning, Implementation and Review meetings


General enquiries

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A NABS Auslan sign language interpreter in a park in Brisbane