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Why Choose Us

why choose wesley

Choice and flexibility

We understand that no two people are the same and that everyone has different needs and personal goals. That's why we provide choice and flexibility - to make sure you (or your loved one) have access to the services and support you're looking for.

Our qualified team will work with you to help you reach your individual milestones, and to get you to where you want to be.

We pride ourselves on the diverse range of therapy services and specialities we offer to help you live well and be healthy. 

The support provided is flexible so you can discover what works best for you. 

Trusted experience

For more than 100 years, Wesley Mission Queensland has been caring for the community. You can feel confident that our trusted team of professionals has the experience and dedication to support your needs.  

Working alongside you and your loved ones, we offer care and compassion, and promote choice, independence and community wellbeing. 

In all that we do,we'll embody our values of integrity, respect, empowerment, hope, justice, compassion and innovation.

Holistic Approach

At Wesley Mission Queensland, we know you want to be the best version of yourself.

We can support you to reach personal milestones by providing a diverse range of services that acknowledge and support your individual journey.  

Our holistic approach to care means access to a unique combination of services that enhance your quality of life. Whether it's through personal training sessions, group fitness classes or psychology services, we'll support your independence and wellbeing. 

Not for profit organisation

When you choose Wesley Mission Queensland, you’re also helping to support people experiencing hardship, disadvantage and isolation.

As a not for profit organisation, everything we do is for purpose and not profit. All funds that we receive are invested back into our community services and programs, which provide vital assistance to people throughout Queensland.