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Physiotherapy Brisbane

Physiotherapists help your body perform at its best. We provide services in your home or at two locations across Brisbane, under a variety of funding types, including My Aged Care, Home Care Packages and the NDIS.

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Physiotherapist helping a retiree in one of our aged care communities in Brisbane

Helping your body perform at its best

Physiotherapists are trained to identify, treat and prevent physical issues that affect how your body moves and functions. Whether your goal is to maintain your physical health, prevent future issues or return your body to optimum health after injury or illness, our physiotherapists work with you to achieve your specific goals.

Our physiotherapists provide education, hands-on manual therapy and exercises to support you with:

  • Maintaining strength, balance and mobility
  • Rehabilitation and reconditioning after injury, surgery or illness
  • Managing acute or persistent pain
  • Improving balance and minimising risk of falls
  • Managing a disability or neurological condition. 

Health and Wellbeing that works for you

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Personal trainer with a retiree at the gym in one of our residential aged care communities in Brisbane