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Speech pathology Brisbane

Speech pathologists help with communication and swallowing. We provide services in your home or at two locations across Brisbane, under a variety of funding types, including My Aged Care, Home Care Packages and the NDIS.

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Speech pathology with a retiree in one of our aged care communities in Brisbane

Helping with communication and swallowing

Speech pathologists manage problems related to speaking, comprehension, and swallowing. Our team of experienced Speech Pathologists can assess, treat and provide individualised programs to improve speech, language, fluency, swallowing and voice difficulties to enhance your ability to live a healthy and connected life.

Our speech pathologists can:

  • Assess and manage swallowing difficulties with food and fluid
  • Assess and treat speech and language difficulties including word finding difficulties, language impairments following stroke or brain injury, and voice disorders resulting from conditions such as Parkinson’s disease
  • Provide advice and guidance with using high and low tech communication support systems
  • Provide advice and support for people caring for those with communication/swallowing difficulties.

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Personal trainer with a retiree at the gym in one of our residential aged care communities in Brisbane