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Members of the Board

Elaine Rae

Board Chair
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Elaine Rae portrait

Elizabeth Baker

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Elizabeth Baker portrait

Chris Grover

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Chris Grover portrait

Dr Sherree Halliwell

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Dr Sherree Halliwell portrait

Dr Daniel Pampuch

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Dr Daniel Pampuch portrait

Mark Townend

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Mark Townend portrait

Lee Poole

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Lee Poole portrait

Dr Jessa Rogers

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Dr Jessa Rogers portrait

David Rose

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David Rose portrait

Dr Nancy Spencer

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Nancy Spencer, WMQ board member

Rev Peter Hobson

Superintendent Minister
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Reverend Peter Hobson portrait

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600 people
in need

receive a free meal, sandwich or food parcel each week.

More than

young adults call our supported accommodation units home.


supported to lead a fulfilling and independent life.

More than

retirees reside in our award-winning independent retirement villages.

More than

adults and children received youth and parenting support.

Your story is our story

Wesley Mission Queensland. Helping Queenslanders live better lives since 1907.