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The Wheller Gardens Day Therapy Centre offers a wide range of health services to help you remain independent and lead an active and healthy life.

Our passionate team of trained health professionals work with you to create an individual health plan that provides holistic care and therapy through a range of support options both at the centre and in the home, including:

Physiotherapypromotes, maintains and restores physical wellbeing.

Podiatry - podiatry services to comprehensively diagnose and treat individual conditions. 

Speech Therapy - diagnosis and management of conditions. 

Occupational Therapy - supporting you to overcome limitations caused by injury, illness or ageing. 

Dietitian services - providing expert nutrition and dietary advice. A dietician will assess your nutritional needs.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 8.30am until 4.00pm. Closed on public holidays.

How to get started

Let us help you find the right solutions today. Please call us on 1800 448 448 or fill in this form to tailor services to meet your needs and assist you to access subsidised programs.

Mature Mind and Memory Clinic

The Mature Mind and Memory Clinic is located within the Wheller Gardens Therapy Centre and provides comprehensive assessment of your physical, mental and cognitive state.

A joint initiative between Wesley Mission Queensland and our visiting consultants, the Mature Mind and Memory Clinic provides assessment of dementia and cognitive impairment by a team of specialists including an experienced geriatrician, a consultant psychiatrist specialised in old age psychiatry, and a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in cognitive assessment. An assessment report, including the results of physical examinations and psychiatric and cognitive evaluations, will be provided to the referring doctor, followed by a comprehensive management/advice plan. 

Clients are seen at the clinic where they are assessed on a battery of cognitive tests, including family/carer’s questionnaires, followed by assessment by the geriatrician and the psychiatrist. The team will then review the results of the assessments and the diagnostic findings, and management advice will be discussed with the client and their carers in separate sessions the following month.


The services provided at the Mature Minds and Memory Clinic are bulk-billed and there are minimal costs involved for clients.

How Do I Get Started?

Our friendly team are here to support you through the process to get started. Please contact us to find out more. 


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