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Home Care Services in Logan

Switch or sign up for a home care package today and enjoy over $230* of services on us. Limited time only.

Are you over 65 and in need of some extra help around the home, garden, shop, an outing, or even receive clinical care from a registered nurse?

    Home Care Logan Welcome Offer 2024

    All Wesley Mission Queensland Home Care services are available to residents of the Greater Logan area.


    Continue living life your way with our range of services to support you at home and in the Logan community. Our team takes time to understand you. We’ll carefully customise the support you need to stay independent for as long as possible.


    We can help you with day to day housework, laundry and shopping.
    Elderly lady with young care worker in supermarket who is reaching for a product on high shelf

    Social support

    Companionship in your home or on outings, and connecting you with local interest groups.
    People playing lawn bowls outside

    Allied health

    Professional advice, support and equipment to improve your mobility and wellbeing.
    Staff helping client with dumbell as client sits in chair

    Respite care

    In home and centre-based respite aimed at giving your carer a break.
    Hadden Place Respite in Brisbane during gentle exercise


    To attend medical or other appointments, go shopping, visit friends, or other outings.
    Community care provides resident transport to activities

    Personal care

    Showering, dressing or other personal care, or assistance with medication.
    In home care assistant brushing a residents hair

    Nursing support

    Help managing continence, wound care, and other clinical care as advised by your doctor.
    Nurse checks patient with stethoscope

    Lawn care

    We can help you with lawn maintenance, basic gardening and yard cleaning.
    Home assistance such as gardening and  home maintenance

    We’re here to help you at any stage

    From initial advice for registration and assessment, to choosing the actual services you need — you can contact us before, during, or after you apply for funding.

    Funding options

    You may be eligible for government funding. Wesley Mission Queensland is an approved provider for the following types of funding:

    • Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)
    • Home Care Package (HCP)
    • Purchase home care services directly
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    Supporting Rita

    We've supported Rita for more than 5 years to help her achieve her goals. "We feel so lucky to have gone with Wesley Mission Queensland and especially to have been assigned Donna as our Care Leader."

    Hear from Rita on how Wesley Mission Queensland supports her.

    [Rita] I've been with Wesley Mission for about five and a half years.

    Emma helps me a lot here with doing things that I've, I can't write very well because it hurts my hand,

    so she does a lot of writing for me and just takes me everywhere. She's wonderful.

    They're just so good. They're just like friends coming of a daytime.

    They're beautiful.

    The doctor recommended the water aerobics. He said they were very good and Emma learned how to do them.

    So she gets in the water with me and we do the exercises together.

    [Emma] When I first met Rita, it was because her doctor wanted to go, wanted her to go and do some physio therapy and, in a pool. And she said, I can't swim. She didn't know how to, how to swim or how to be in the water or like how to save herself if she had to, really.

    We started off just walking up and down laps of the pool. We made some friends

    and got a little exercise program. And I remember Rita said to me in the beginning, oh, I couldn't do it if I wasn't holding your hand. But then by the end, we were just swimming right through.

    [Rita] Yeah, it's just fun, it's just a day of, I don't have to stress or worry or, I just know Emma's coming and we'll have a good time.

    Receive over $230* of home care services

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    Home Care Logan Welcome Offer 2024

    Services: This offer is exclusive to new Wesley Mission Queensland  (WMQ) Home Care Services clients residing in Logan. 
    • Eligibility: Not currently receiving WMQ Home Care & Home Support Services. Be eligible for a WMQ home care package. 
    Limitations: This offer applies to the first $230 of covered services under your home care package. This offer is only valid until 31 July 2024. This offer may not be combined with other promotions. Additional fees may apply for services not covered by your home care package. 
    • Contact: For more information about eligibility, contact WMQ at 1800 448 448
    • Note: WMQ reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Clients on home care packages receive 3x complimentary domestic services (value $234). $230 discount applies to covered services only. 

    By using WMQ's Home Care Services, you agree to their standard terms and conditions.