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The Way We Work

Wesley Mission Queensland and the services we provide are incredibly diverse. Each day we interact with many people - all who have different goals, views, beliefs, backgrounds and abilities. As a faith based organisation, we believe everyone is important and God’s love is for all.


That’s why we developed The Wesley Charter, to help guide us in our mission to create a just and inclusive society for all.

What is The Wesley Charter?

The Wesley Charter is an organisation-wide framework defined by three areas: what we value, the way we work, and what we strive for.

It begins with what we value.

As an organisation, we value:

  • Innovation
  • Hope
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Justice
  • Empowerment
  • Respect

What we value informs the way we work.

In our everyday work:

  • We welcome feedback
  • We provide support
  • We make a difference
  • We build positive relationships
  • We communicate effectively
  • We show respect
  • We demonstrate compassion

The way we work helps us to achieve what we strive for.

In working with our customers, we aim to promote:

  • Identity
  • Growth
  • Autonomy
  • Joy
  • Meaning
  • Connectedness
  • Security

The Wesley Charter is designed to help our staff and volunteers get the most out of working for Wesley Mission Queensland and in turn, make a difference to the lives of the 100,000 Queenslanders who we support every year.

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