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Family tale comes alive in a new children’s book

Published Friday 10 February 2017
  • Child Care, Youth and Families

The much loved family tale of Arnie Doyle’s Hairy Feet has come to life thanks to Wesley Mission Queensland.

After many years of sharing this story with his family at story time, this year author Ross Skinner decided to put pen to paper to bring Arnie to life. A collaboration with illustrator Denzil Hildebrand has enabled the quirky and lovable story to be completed, and it has now been published by Wesley Mission Queensland. The story is aimed at audiences under 7, but all will enjoy - especially the young at heart!

Denzil Hildebrand, illustrator of Arnie Doyle’s Hairy Feet says taking the time to enjoy creative stories is important for children and adults alike.  

“Sharing stories and imaginings is a way we can create connections and help us to understand one another. I love the challenge and the stimulation which are offered by exploring an interesting story together. It's something I always felt when reading Dr. Seuss books (both as a child and now as an adult!).”

“To imagine new existences or experiences, and to explore the untold parts or unexplained surprises that present in creative imagery, words and pictures is an exciting 'journey' that kids are great at taking. If you’re an adult who is not great at playing, sharing stories is a fun way to share creative worlds together.”

For Denzil, drawing is something he has incorporated into his professional career as a psychologist, and thinks it creativity is an important element of life.

“I love to draw and I do drawing in all my work with clients - it helps me make thoughts and feelings real. I couldn't resist the offer of illustrating this story, as it was fun and funny and it looked to be especially challenging to make Arnie's feet a reality - for him, for the story and the readers,” he said.

Orders are now being accepted for Arnie Doyle’s Hairy Feet. The book costs $12 and all funds raised from sales will go towards supporting Wesley Mission Queensland’s Child Care Services.

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