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Residential respite on the rise

Published Thursday 29 November 2018
  • Aged Care

For elderly people who need extra care but aren’t yet ready to make the permanent move into residential aged care, respite stays are growing in popularity across Queensland.

Perfect for families who need a break from caring for elderly loved ones, or for clients who need time to recover from an illness or injury, residential respite gives clients the opportunity to stay in a residential aged care community and receive all the benefits that the community provides for a short period of time before returning home.

Madella Ivett came into Wesley Mission Queensland’s Dovetree aged care community in Sinnamon Village on respite when she needed some extra help and her daughter needed to take a break from caring duties.

“My daughter usually helps to look after me, but she had become very busy with work and studying and then she also fell ill and needed to rest,” says Madella. “So we had a look around for a place where I could go and have some respite care, and Dovetree had everything we were looking for.”

Originally Madella came in for two weeks, and then extended her stay for a further two weeks, making her stay a month in total. “It’s been wonderful,” says Madella. “Nothing is too much trouble, there’s always someone around to help you, check up on you, see how you’re doing. I’ve enjoyed the activities that I’ve been able to join in on – they had a concert here the other day, it was fantastic!

“I think, when I go home, I’m going to miss the people the most; there’s always someone stopping at your door to say hello, have a chat, even just to check up on you and see how you’re doing or if you need anything. They’ve been wonderful to me.

“It’s definitely an adjustment and it takes a little time to settle in, but I’m glad I came in. It’s given both me and my daughter a much-needed break, so it’s been very beneficial.”

Jodi O’Neill, Residential Admissions Coordinator, says that there are many benefits to residential aged care respite for people who might be thinking of using the service.

“Respite has the ability to give carers peace of mind knowing that their family member or other loved one is being looked after in a safe, friendly environment when they can’t be there,” she says. “It also gives the client an opportunity to build trust in an environment that they then will feel comfortable returning to in the future for more respite, or even on a permanent basis, if that need should arise.”

Jodi says clients of RAC respite receive the same level of care and service that permanent residents receive. “Each respite client is welcomed in as part of the community, and they get to experience all the same activities and events that residents do,” she says. “They get to structure their days however they see fit – sometimes it even feels like a bit of a holiday!

“The feedback we’ve been receiving from recent respite clients coming into our communities has been overwhelmingly positive. All of our staff endeavour to create a welcoming and meaningful environment through respect and integrity for each visitor, and it makes our jobs worthwhile when we hear clients say that they’ve had a wonderful stay with us.”

Aged care respite is available now

Residential respite is available at all Wesley Mission Queensland’s aged care communities, including our newest community, Dovetree at Sinnamon Village. To find out more or to book a tour, call: 1800 448 448 or email: