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Passionate aged care residents start recycling project

Published Thursday 25 July 2019
  • Aged Care

Residents at our Emmaus Village residential aged care community have started a recycling project through Scouts Recycling Centre to fundraise for Emmaus Village’s Eden fund.

One of Emmaus Village resident’s, Bruce, often gets the team together – Mary, Estelle, Graham and Connie – to take the lids off and empty the water from the bottles and place them back into the bag, then off to the special bin for collection. It’s a team effort.


The residents said that they enjoy helping out with activities such as this and it’s an added bonus that they profit from it.

“We come together every week or two to collectively do our bit for environment. We make sure all the bottles are ready to be taken for recycling.”

“We go through a lot of plastic bottles, so rather them go to waste, they go to be recycled. It’s a win-win.

“Last month we made $600, which goes towards our Eden fund, the profits then go back into organising activities for residents at Emmaus Village. It’s nice to help out on projects such as this.”


Emmaus Village’s Eden Fund profits go towards our Eden AlternativeTM philosophy of care, which are innovative ways to empower, encourage and bring happiness to the residents through therapy activities, live entertainment, outings and more.

So far the residents at Emmaus Village have turned over 6,000 containers and made over $600 and have high hopes for even more bottles next month.

Part of the profits also go towards Scouts Queensland by recycling through Scouts Recycling Centre. The funds that they receive go back into the community to help build local Scout Halls and to run their youth development programs.

Emmaus Village residential aged care community's Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator, Michelle Schramm, said "It’s wonderful to see the same group of residents coming together each fortnight to complete this small, yet significant job."