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Jacob’s passion leading to success

Published Tuesday 12 November 2019
  • Disability and Mental Health

For many young people, leaving school or vocational education is a key time in their lives. 

This is especially true for nineteen-year-old Jacob who is one of the participants about to graduate from Wesley Mission Queensland’s ORCA Project.  

The ORCA Project is a post-school program for young people with a disability and provides opportunity for success in four key areas to ultimately achieve employment. These four areas focus on building individuals’ skills in the following phases; Welcome, Organised, Ready and Keen. It provides young people with the opportunity to build capacity, enhance lives and find meaningful connections in the community.  

The ORCA Projects four key focus areas.

Jacob has been attending the ORCA Project since it first started in January 2018. Although it will be a little sad leaving everyone at the ORCA Project, he says he’s made some good friends and has gained more skills to help him enter the workforce.  

“We’ve learnt lots of things here, like customer service, organisation and work health and safety,” says Jacob.  

“We started a micro-business here called Ethical Groceries Group where we take orders and pack fresh and locally sources groceries each week at [Albany Creek Uniting] Church” 

Jacob has a passion for photography, particularly photographing aircrafts, landscape and macro shots. Jacob says his interest in photography started on his sixteenth birthday.  

“My parents took me out to dinner to a Thai restaurant. I couldn’t help but notice the background and art along the walls of the restaurant. I really liked it and my passion for photography grew from there.” 

Soon after, Jacob received a camera and began teaching himself how to use it. He uses software tools like Adobe Creative Suite to enhance or manipulate the photo’s he’s taken.  

Image - Facebook,  Jacob Steinmuller Photography.
“I watched a lot of video tutorials online and just taught myself how to use my camera. I’ve collected a fair few lenses and filters over the years, which has also led me to experiment and gain more knowledge,” says Jacob.  

Jacob’s photographs aren’t just a casual hobby, he has sold several of his images this year.  

“I sold several of my pieces at the ORCA Project showcase back in March of this year.” 

“I’m also a part of the Camera Wanderers at Access Arts, which is a program that supports people with a disability. We currently have an exhibition running at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, where one of my pieces is priced at $500.” 

Jacob is due to graduate from the ORCA Project in December of this year. The program has opened lots of opportunities for the young adult, and it appears it's only just the beginning.

Want to learn more about the ORCA Project? Visit our webpage.