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Dylan's dream job becomes a reality

Dylan's dream job becomes a reality
Published Friday 4 October 2019
  • Disability and Mental Health

When Dylan left school a few years ago, he found it difficult to engage in any activity or program. His mum grew more and more concerned about his physical and emotional well-being, but didn’t know how to find the right program or space for him to flourish.

She heard about The ORCA Project and brought Dylan along for a visit. Dylan enrolled in the program and started in Term 1 of 2019.

The ORCA Project is a post-school option for young people with disability that includes training, work experience and ultimately employment. It is also an opportunity to build capacity, enhance lives and find meaningful connections in the community. There are four components to the ORCA Project – Welcome, Organised, Ready and Keen.

four components to the ORCA Project – Welcome, Organised, Ready and Keen

Nineteen-year-old Dylan is now in the Ready phase of the ORCA Project. Dylan’s confidence and social life has grown significantly over the last year.

“I’ve made heaps of friends here. At first, I was a bit nervous meeting new people, but when I started to settle in I became more open and started making new friends,” Dylan says.

He’s had experience working in the ORCA Project’s micro-business, Ethical Groceries Group, where they take orders and pack fresh and locally sourced produce and groceries each week. He also took part in administrative duties at Wesley Mission Queensland’s (WMQ) Corporate Office.

The skills that Dylan has learnt has really helped with his customer experience and understanding of the workforce.

“It was great volunteering at the WMQ Corporate Office. It helped me to integrate and be confident in the decisions I make.”

Dylan’s kind and gentle nature has led him to recognise his passion for working with children.

“Since I started coming to ORCA [Project], working in childcare has been my goal and dream job.”

“I enjoy working with children and helping them learn and grow. Particularly in playing games and teaching them different things, like painting and basic literacy,” Dylan says.

In August, Dylan’s dream job of working in childcare came true! He’s about to begin a two-year paid traineeship in Early Childhood Education and will receive his Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Want to know more or be a part of transforming lives? Visit the ORCA Project webpage

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