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Palliative Care Week 2024

Tags: Hummingbird House, Palliative and Hospice Care, Hopewell Hospice

Precious moments at Hummingbird House

In recognition of Palliative Care Week this week, we wanted to show you the true impact of what good palliative care means. Yes, there is sadness and fear, but there is also love, joy and moments of profound connection.

Our teams at Hummingbird House and Hopewell Hospice are passionate about helping the people in their care find the light amongst the darkness, honouring their wishes while wrapping them in the care they and their families need. It takes a very special person to work with the very special people receiving palliative care and Hummingbird House and Hopewell Hospice are full of them.

Hopewell Hospice Clinical Nurse - Care Coordination Bek Beechey has written an opinion piece about her experience as a hospice nurse. Read the full article here.

Thank you to all our palliative care and hospice staff for the incredible job they do!