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Offering services to help you and your family with hospice and palliative care, respite, grief and bereavement support.
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Hopewell Hospice is a charitable, dedicated palliative care facility servicing the Gold Coast and surrounding regions. Should you or your loved one decide to stay at Hopewell Hospice, we’ll respect your right to decide on your treatment and care. We welcome and respect all religious and spiritual beliefs. Any faith or no faith at all, you’re welcome here at Hopewell Hospice. 


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Our services

We understand how difficult it is to care for a dying family member. There’s so much uncertainty and it is a very physical and emotionally draining task. Our services can alleviate some of this strain, allowing carers to do what’s needed – spend quality time with their loved ones.


We have eight rooms at our peaceful home in Arundel. Our staff provide 24-hour on-site nursing, ancillary services and accommodation for anyone with life-limiting illnesses at the end stage of life. We also offer a range of carer and support workshops. 

Counselling is offered to all our clients, as well as their family and loved ones. Our counsellors are well trained in all grief and loss issues. We offer individual sessions (either face-to-face or over the phone) or in a group support setting. If there are difficulties surrounding the relationship and a person has died, you may need additional support which is available through The Hopewell Centre. 

It’s important to note, even after your loved one has died, we’ll continue to support you with our services. Our active bereavement support is available to all.

Receiving palliative care at home means that our patients are close to their belongings and memories, all while receiving the best care and support. Our program provides adults with holistic palliative care through the coordination of medical, nursing, allied health, pastoral care and social services.  Find out more here. 

Nestled amongst the greenery and tranquility, our experienced staff offer a flexible range of respite options at Living Well House.

These include: 

  • Centre-based day respite
  • Overnight and short-term accommodation respite

To find out more, visit our Living Well House page. 

“My dearly loved Dad spent the last 2 months of his life at Hopewell... To say the staff are amazing is an understatement, everyone of them looked after him as if he was their own father.”


What are the costs?

Hopewell Hospice is subsidised by the Queensland Government, meaning our services are readily accessible for all. We're a registered private hospital. If you have eligible private health insurance, we will bill your health fund directly for your stay. You can read more about our fees at our informed financial consent policy here.


How to access

Referrals can be made directly to Hopewell Hospice – anyone can make them; you, your carer or family, your doctor, specialist or other health professionals. For those wanting to receive holistic end of life care at Hopewell Hospice, please get in touch with us. We can then arrange an appointment for you to visit and answer any questions you may have.

Get involved

The Hopewell Centre relies on the support from the wider community to continue the critical work that we do.  There are many ways to support us, including: 

  • Making a one-off tax-deductible donation
  • Gifting us through a bequest in your Will
  • Volunteering your skills to our various services
  • Holding a fundraiser through your work or within your community.      



Getting there

88 Allied Drive Arundel QLD 4214
Opening hours 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

Contact us today

Chat to us today about how Hopewell Hospice can support you and your family. And we can answer any questions you may have. Contact us via the form below or call us between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday on 07 5625 1900 and we will be happy to assist.

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