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What is a RAS assessment?

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If you have been referred to an assessment by My Aged Care, you will be visited by either the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) or the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). Both assessments determine eligibility for government-funded aged care services.

The RAS assessment primarily focuses on entry-level care services and eligibility for lower-level home care packages, while the ACAT assessment covers a broader range of aged care services, including residential care and all levels of home care packages. The specific assessment required depends on the level of care and support an individual needs based on their unique circumstances.

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What is an RAS Assessment?

The RAS assessment is for individuals seeking entry-level support services via the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). It addresses the needs of individuals who can remain living independently at home.

The RAS assessment is conducted over the phone or in-person by a trained assessor from the Regional Assessment Service. It focuses on gathering information about an individual's functional abilities, daily living tasks, and entry-level care and support requirements.

How the RAS differs from the ACAT Assessment

The ACAT assessment is for individuals seeking aged care services, such as residential aged care (nursing homes), Home Care Packages (HCP) (Level 1, 2, 3 and 4), transition care, and respite care.

It addresses the needs of individuals requiring more intensive care, medical supervision, or specialised support.

The ACAT assessment involves a more comprehensive evaluation by a team of health professionals, including nurses, social workers, and occupational therapists. The assessment covers a broader range of aspects, including medical conditions, personal care needs, mobility, and other relevant factors to determine the appropriate level of aged care services.

It may take place in the individual's home or at a designated assessment centre.

From RAS to ACAT

If an individual initially undergoes a RAS assessment and their care needs change or become more complex over time, they may be referred for an ACAT assessment to reassess their eligibility for a Home Care Package.


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