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What is an ACAT Assessment?

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An ACAT assessment (Aged Care Assessment Team assessment) is a comprehensive evaluation conducted in Australia to determine an individual's eligibility for government-funded aged care services, such as residential aged care, home care packages, respite care, or transition care. The assessment is conducted by a team of health professionals who specialise in aged care.

During the ACAT assessment, the team evaluates the individual's physical, medical, psychological, and social needs to determine the level of care and support required. The assessment considers factors such as mobility, personal care, medication management and overall health conditions.

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The assessors will also discuss your eligibility for different funding types based on your specific circumstances. They will provide guidance and information about the funding options available to you, including any associated costs or fees.


Do I need to do an ACAT assessment?

If you are seeking government-funded aged care services in Australia, an ACAT assessment is necessary. However, for privately funded arrangements, the need for an ACAT assessment may not be mandatory. It is recommended to seek guidance from professionals in the aged care sector to determine the most appropriate course of action based on your specific needs and goals.


Scheduling an ACAT assessment

To schedule an ACAT assessment, you need to contact My Aged Care either through their website or by calling their contact centre at 1800 200 422. My Aged Care is the Australian Government's official portal for aged care services.

By phone - My Aged Care will guide you through the necessary steps, conduct a preliminary screening, and refer your request to the local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) in your area. The ACAT team will then contact you directly to arrange the assessment and provide further instructions.

Online via My Aged Care eligibility checker – The online eligibility checker asks a series of questions related to age, residency, and specific care needs. The tool provides guidance and information based on the responses provided, giving individuals an initial indication of their eligibility, and directing them towards appropriate next steps, including information about a RAS (Regional Assessment Service) or an ACAT assessment.


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