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Local mother overcomes challenges to land dream job as youth worker

Tags: Youth and parenting

Mother who had engaged with WMQ’s ParentsNext program land dream job as youth worker

In a heartwarming success story, a local mother who had engaged with WMQ’s ParentsNext program has triumphed over adversity and secured a fulfilling position as a youth worker.

She initially joined the ParentsNext program in May 2022, which helps parents navigate the challenges of parenting and pursuing career goals. During this time she faced the dual responsibilities of managing her children's behavioural and medical conditions while attending multiple appointments each fortnight.

Recognising the need to prioritise her family's wellbeing, she accepted a 12-month exemption from the program, allowing her to coordinate and manage her children's ongoing medical needs without the added pressure of job-seeking.

After completing her exemption period, she expressed a desire to re-enter the workforce and work towards becoming job-ready before leaving the ParentsNext program. With the unwavering support of her Family Support Worker, she took significant steps toward achieving her goals.

She was enrolled in a Certificate IV course to enhance her skills and knowledge and referred to Role Ready services for expert guidance in resume building and job applications. She was also provided with financial assistance to obtain essential certifications such as a police check, first aid certificate, and a blue card.

The dedicated efforts and support provided by the ParentsNext program and her Family Support Worker played a crucial role in her success. The results were evident when she shared her joyous news with her support network, stating:

Just a quick message to thank you for everything you helped me achieve in regards to getting me job ready. I have been successful in landing a casual position as a Youth Worker, and I am loving every minute of it! This would not have been possible if I didn't receive the assistance and support from you, and for that, I am very thankful.

Her inspiring journey serves as proof of the impact of community support programs and the resilience of individuals determined to overcome obstacles. Her success not only highlights the effectiveness of programs like ParentsNext but also celebrates the positive outcomes that can be achieved when individuals are met where they are in life and empowered to pursue their dreams.