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Group61 Appeal

Your support makes all the difference!

Trevor had been feeling lost and lonely before he joined Group61, but what he found in his friendship with Jenny changed his life.

Group61 is a volunteer mental health befriending program. ‘Friends’ (those living in social isolation and/or experiencing mental illness) are matched with volunteers; they meet regularly with the aim of reducing social isolation and, as self-confidence and trust grow through their friendship, friends are supported to rebuild social connections within their community.

Two hours is all it takes to enhance the life of a person living with in social isolation and/or living with a mental illness. So Jenny and Trevor began spending time together doing various activities—sometimes chatting at a coffee shop, or going for a walk in the park, or visiting an art gallery.

Jenny and Trevor recently ‘graduated’ the program, meaning that Trevor has made significant progress as a friend and no longer requires the support of Group61—but Jenny and Trevor still meet because they have formed a genuine friendship.

Group61 also holds social events where friends and volunteers can come together to socialise with each other, such as fortnightly ‘picnic in the park’ events. And because of the confidence that Trevor has gained from his friendship with Jenny, he has been able to make more friends through other events and expand his social circle.

“The picnic in the park has also helped with my loneliness because I’ve been able to meet so many new people,” says Trevor. “I’m so glad I joined the program—it’s really improved things for me.”

Right now, more than 280 friends like Trevor from all over South East Queensland are connecting with volunteers like Jenny. You can help bring more friends and volunteers together by giving to Group61 today. Thank you!

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