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Understanding fees and costs

Moving into residential aged care is a big decision. It can be an emotional and confusing one too. With all the information to review, it’s important to understand the costs associated with your aged care and how you might go about accessing government-funded services.

Our Residential Admissions Coordinators work with you at every stage. 


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Where to start

Residential aged care fees are regulated by the Australian Government and may be subsidised based on your income and assets. How much you pay is different for every person. 

Should you wish to access government-funded aged care services, you'll need to register with My Aged Care. Once registered, you can apply for an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment. This free assessment involves talking about your current situation and working out if you are eligible to receive aged care services.

Wesley Mission Queensland offers government-subsidised aged care placements in all our residential aged care communities located across Brisbane. If you have no assets and are receiving a full pension, you could be eligible for government-funded residential aged care.

Availability varies so it’s best to talk to us about your needs. Contact us today to find out whether a fully supported aged care vacancy at Wesley Mission Queensland may be right for you.

Register with My Aged Care

Call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit the website.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm and Saturday 10am - 2pm.

Visit My Aged Care website

My Aged Care

How to estimate your costs

The My Aged Care website has a simple fee calculator  (link opens in new window)  that can help you estimate your potential costs. Remember, we’re here to help. Our Residential Admission Coordinators are here for you every step of the way. If at any stage you have a question, get in contact with us on 1800 448 448 or make an online enquiry.

Fees and costs

There are four main fee areas of residential aged care:

A basic daily fee for your daily living expenses

  A means-tested care fee that covers your care

 Accommodation costs

 Extra services

1. Basic daily fee

The basic daily fee in residential aged care covers your daily living expenses such as your meals, laundry, power bills (like heating and cooling), and cleaning. The Australian Government sets the basic daily fee, which is 85% of the full single pension. This is adjusted twice a year in March and September. Everyone in an aged care home is required to pay this fee unless you are experiencing financial hardship (as determined by the Government).


2. Means-tested care fee 

If your personal circumstances allow, the Government expects that you’ll contribute towards the cost of your care. Based on an assessment of your income and assets, the Australia Government will work out if, and how much, you are required to contribute to your residential aged care costs. This is called a means-tested care fee. This fee reduces the amount providers such as Wesley Mission Queensland receive from the Australian Government for your care.

3. Accommodation costs

Every aged care provider sets a price for each room within a home. The price is published publicly and is available on the My Aged Care website (link opens in new window). 

You can pay for the accommodation cost of your aged care home in different ways: 

  • As a one-off lump sum, known as a Refundable Accommodation Deposit, or RAD
  • As a daily payment, known as a Daily Accommodation Payment, or DAP
  • Or as a combination of both (part lump sum-part daily payment). 
You may want to seek financial advice to help you choose the right payment option for you. If you choose to pay the full RAD, then the entire amount will be refunded to you when you leave your service, provided no other fees have been deducted.  

4. Extra services

Many aged care providers offer additional services as an optional choice. We provide additional services to enhance your lifestyle. These include, but are not limited to;

  • All-day refreshments
  • Hot breakfast daily
  • WiFi
  • Flat-screen TVs
  • A weekly roster of scenic bus trips
  • Monthly social calendar that features movie nights, craft activities, concerts, gardening groups, and much more.


For a full list of optional services and prices at our aged care homes, please contact us.

Supporting you at every stage

Our team is here to guide you and your family through your choices, explain fees, and answer any questions you may have. Contact our friendly Residential Admissions Coordinators today.

Residential Aged Care that works for you

We know the path into residential aged care can be emotional and confusing, and our team is here to support you. Please call us on 1800 448 448 or complete this form.
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