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In order to continue our programs and services, we rely heavily on private donations from people like you.

Your gift to us will help to empower the people we work with and ensure a more inclusive community for all.

Thanks to our loyal and generous supporters, we are able to work with people from right across the community including seniors, youth and families at-risk of homelessness, those living with a disability, and people struggling with disadvantage who have nowhere to else to turn.

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Gifting Property

Property has a varied meaning and, in addition to physical things (i.e. shares, artwork, real estate, equipment, paper, toys, non-perishable items, books, etc), it can include rights and interests that are capable of ownership. We can always benefit from gifts of property, but we recommend you contact us first to ensure we are in a position to accept the gift and to discuss any unique conditions. 

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Stocks and shares

Donating company shares or dividends to our organisation is an easy way to make a philanthropic contribution. Shares refer to a share in the capital of a publicly listed company on the official list of an approved Australian stock exchange. The value of the gift will depend on if the gift was purchased within the last 12 months. 

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Wills and Bequests

Our work has made a significant difference over the decades, but we know there is still much to be done to help those less fortunate. That is why we would like to extend you an invitation to consider leaving a gift (also known as a bequest) to Wesley Mission Queensland in your Will. 

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