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Damien Conte

Damien Conte

Damien is a young artist from the far North Eastern part of NSW. For Damien, painting began as a series of experiments that has since become one of his passions. His artworks are full of colour, texture and vibrancy.

Damien paints various themes and subjects including landscapes inhabited by creatures with broad, smiling faces. To create his artworks, he uses acrylic paint to lay down the base colour and then adds detailed patterns, and sometimes text, using acrylic paint pens.

For Damien, painting has become an important creative expression that allows him to share his inner world with others; it also provides him with a balance to the rest of his life. In addition to painting, Damien lives an active, outdoor lifestyle that includes bike riding, going to the gym, sailing, kayaking and horse riding.

Damien has participated in several solo and group exhibitions locally and nationally since he discovered his passion for painting after leaving school in 2008. He has won several awards for his work including two major sponsorship awards from Art from the Margins in 2011 & 2012.