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Felicity Clarke

Felicity Clarke - Lifting the Veil Exhibition Opening

Felicity Clarke has been a soft sculpture and mixed media artist for over 15 years.

My work is extremely diverse and based on my love of all things organic and pseudorealistic. I use a multitude of textile and mixed media techniques and manipulate materials to mirror nature in its many facets. All works are bespoke, stitched and created by myself

My primary source of inspiration comes from replicating images of nature and the world around us, using many non-traditional upcycled materials, along with recognizable fibres, textures and mediums in a 3D or sculptural format.  But in recent times my work encompasses exploring internal landscapes of the mind and body while working through my own disability and Extreme PTSD. My art has been therapeutic and cathartic during my recuperation and I think others facing similar experiences would also benefit from a broader conversation about mental health and other conditions.