Support Art from the Margins

Your support will make a real difference to someone's life, by helping to break down social barriers, ignorance and prejudice.

Make a real difference

People living with mental illness, physical and intellectual disabilities, homelessness and other adverse circumstances benefit from participating in creative programs and from opportunities to engage with the wider community. Art from the Margins, its partners and supporters see and hear evidence of these benefits on a daily basis.

Art from the Margin's vision is to offer positive support to artists facing isolation, disadvantage and prejudice. There are many ways you can help achieve this vision. Whether it's volunteering to help at an AFTM exhibition, attending one of our many events, buying a local artist's work, offering your time or expertise, choosing to make a financial donation or becoming a sponsor for one of our events – every contribution to AFTM makes a significant difference in the lives of our artists. How our artists meet their challenges offers us inspiration and hope.

“Thanks to Art from the Margins, I can keep using my voice, telling my story, and connecting with people around me through my painting”


Janice Crosbie

AFTM 2019 Emerging Artist