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Mary - Wheller on the Park

Tags: Retirement Living

two women sitting on park bench in garden

Moving into a Wesley Mission Queensland retirement community has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Although initially daunting, retirement has been a joy!

Since the move, my life has been filled with benefits, including:

  • setting my own timetable
  • slowing down the daily pace of activities
  • making time to slot in sudden changes
  • meeting friends without time constraints
  • taking time to browse when shopping
  • revitalising hobbies, sports interests and work skills
  • getting involved in groups and clubs to participate in old or new activities including Book Club, Writers’ Group, Diners’ Club, Residents’ Committee
  • apply new skills playing various games like Mahjong & Rummikub
  • spending time doing volunteer work
  • prioritising my dreams
  • taking time to ‘smell the roses’

Many people are too nervous to downsize and consider apartment-style living in a retirement community, but it really is ideal. There is less maintenance work (no garden or lawns to mow - just add plants to your patio), increased security and a great sense of community where I feel supported and can have fun!