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Emotional ANZAC Day services at our aged care communities in Brisbane

Tags: Residential Aged Care

Our residential aged care facilities had emotional and poignant ANZAC Day services this week. Some of our special residents include Mavis, from St Marks aged care community, who's 99 this year and served in the Air Force. Also, Tony, from Anam Cara aged care community, who served in Vietnam with his three mates who have been friends ever since. One of them even crafted a 3D replica of the Long Tan Battlefield cross which featured in the service.

Volunteers, residents and staff worked together to conduct these wonderful ANZAC Day commemorations across our aged care facilities.

We were honoured to listen to our veterans’ stories and acknowledge the brave souls who fought for our country.

Lest We Forget.


Anzac Day 2024 group gathering at Parkview Aged Care Community