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Meet the team putting Action into Reconciliation Action Plan

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Staff at WMQ Cultural Awareness Training Workshop during Reconciliation Week 2022

Considering WMQ’s long history, our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Committee is only relatively new, but has been making strong progress towards our reconciliation goals since its inception in 2016.

Co-chaired by proud Torres Strait Islander Eddie Solien, Manager Reconciliation and Diversity & Inclusion and Danielle Sullivan Executive Manager, Office of the CEO, the committee is made up of 20 staff members from across the organisation from diverse backgrounds, including seven employees who identify as First Nations people.

Sadly today we continue to see racial division among Australians and the RAP Committee aims to do what it can within WMQ and the wider community to help create an equal and unified future.


The committee ensures that First Nations voices are represented and heard within WMQ, and that organisational plans and actions are aligned to the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities.

To date, the committee has helped appoint WMQ’s inaugural Manager Reconciliation and Diversity and Inclusion and an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Worker, both First Nations people. It has also introduced Yarning Circles which all First Nations staff are invited and encouraged to attend, and delivered a successfully received Cultural Awareness Training workshop during Reconciliation Week. Work is being finalised on a Cultural Protocol Document and Cultural Leave Policy and details of these initiatives will be shared with staff in the coming months.

Other priorities for the committee include improving governance structures and the measurement and reporting of WMQ’s progress towards and impact on the work of the RAP committee, and introducing a First Nations Employment Framework and First Nations Traineeships.

Eddie said the care and compassion shown by WMQ staff is a direct extension of the Albert Street Uniting Church's original commitment to serve on this land.

'We appreciate your concern for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Your efforts to provide outstanding care to everybody reinforce this mission. Our journey to reconciliation will require input from all parties and voices, especially our First Nations leaders and communities.'


The committee encourages all WMQ staff members to get in touch at any time with questions or for cultural advice and to keep an eye out for internal communications with information and updates.