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Andrea - WesleyCare Sinnamon Village

Tags: Disability and NDIS

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I’ve been living at Youngcare Wesley Mission Queensland Apartments at Sinnamon Village for three and a half years and I absolutely love it, it has so much to offer.

I was 42 when they found my brain tumour, it’s called a Meningioma and it’s benign so it doesn’t spread to other parts of your body but it’s in the lining of your brain.

The first operation I had lasted nine hours and when I came out of hospital I was actually recovering quite well then about a month later I started going downhill. The doctor did blood tests found I had Meningitis.

After a second operation to clear away the infection I came out with some brain damage. It was virtually like a stroke to my left side. I’m still having physio to work on it, I’m not walking at this time but I’m aiming high and working hard.

I spent a long time recovering in hospital when eventually my sister came to visit one day and said the dreaded words, “Andrea your medical fund has put their foot down basically and said, ‘No we can’t fund this anymore she’ll have to find somewhere else,’.” So my sister had to get online and research nursing homes. That was probably the worst day of my life.

A few months later I was very lucky, the manager down here at the time heard my story and came to visit me in aged care and said, “No you can’t stay here we’re going to find somewhere for you down at the Youngcare Wesley Mission Queensland Apartments.” So I moved down and have been here since. I think it was the best day of my life.

This environment has given me the opportunity to lead a more normal life because they offer the chance to socialise with people your age. We can go to different places whether it’s the movies, shopping centres, parks or for a beautiful drive and picnic lunch. I just wouldn’t get that otherwise. That’s what makes this place so special.