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Nanny services


The Nanny pilot program, implemented by the Department of Education and Training, provides a flexible child care option for families who are having difficulty accessing mainstream child care. It connects Nannies with families across the Greater Brisbane area.

Accessing nannying services

To access nannying services you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Parents or guardian needs to be engaged in work, study or training for eight hours per fortnight
  • Combined parent or guardian annual income must be less than $250,000
  • Have difficulty accessing mainstream child care
Our educators

Our nannies are aged 18 years, are suitably qualified and employed on a casual basis.

Our coordination unit supports and monitors the nannies in each family placement to ensure the match works well and continues to meet the needs of parents and children.

How much do nanny services cost?

The Nanny Pilot Program provides a subsidy to eligible families towards the hourly cost of care. The subsidy is paid per child, per hour and will be of particular benefit for families with three or more children. Contact us for an estimate of hourly costs based on your income.

6am - 6:30pm, Monday to Friday - $34.50 per hour

6:30pm - 6am, weekends and public holidays - $40 per hour.

How much will my rebate be?
 Hourly rebate (dependant on income)  Number of children
 $5 - $8.50   onechild
 $10 - $17  twochild
 $15 - $25.50  threechild
 $20 - $29.32  fourchild
 $25 -$29.32  fivechild
 $29.32   sixchild


How to access nannying services

To find out more and to discuss your care needs please call 07 3151 6160.

Apply for nanny services

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