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Rock and Rhythm

Children Rock and Rhythm

Rock and Rhythm runs three engaging programs for children aged 8-12 years who attend schools located in the Northern Gold Coast region.

The programs offered by Rock and Rhythm are:
  • Drumbeat - Through a team drumming experience, this program combines experiential learning with cognitive behavioural therapy to engage young people who may be anxious or resistant to ‘talk based’ therapies. The program explores issues such as peer pressure, bullying, dealing with emotions, identity, teamwork and social responsibility.
  • Friends for Life – This program assists children to build resilience, confidence, self-esteem and to learn important skills and techniques to cope with feelings of fear, worry and depression. It teaches cognitive, behavioural and emotional skills in a simple, structured format.
  • Rock and Water – This program uses simple self defence, boundary and communication exercises to promote a strong notion of self-confidence in students. It offers a framework of exercises and ideas to help children become aware of purpose and motivation in their life.
How do I access Rock and Rhythm programs?

Rock and Rhythm is currently only available through participating schools and services in the Northern Gold Coast region. If you would like to include these programs at your school or service, and would like further information, please call us on 1300 865 306 or fill in this form.

Schools are able to select from the listed programs to meet the most pressing needs of the children.

The program is funded by the Department of Social Services through an auspicing agreement with Communities for Children Northern Gold Coast.

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