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Your NDIS plan and goals

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Once you have been approved for the NDIS, the first step is to make an initial plan for your care and support.

This plan will be in place for 12 months and will give you time to explore your options, find what works best for you, and settle on the goals that you’d like to achieve. 

If you are currently receiving disability support services through WMQ, you will be able to continue to do so, and we can help you switch over to the NDIS.


  Creating your first support plan 

In order to start receiving services through the NDIS, you will need to create your first support plan. To do this, an NDIS representative will talk with you about your current situation and the support you receive. They will find out how you go about your day-to-day life, from cooking and showering, to getting out and about in the community, studying and/or working. The NDIS representative will use this information to form the basis of your support plan. 

Your plan may include care and services that you’ve already been receiving, as well as other support from your family and friends, medical professionals and disability care providers.

In your planning meeting, if you would like to continue your WMQ services, or try some new ones, make sure to tell your planner.

There are a few things you need to do in order to put your support plan together:

  1. Decide on your goals. For example: “I want to be fitter and more mobile.”
  2. Think about what you need to achieve those goals. For example, you might need some diet advice or support to access some regular exercise.
  3. Request funding in your NDIS plan to help you achieve those goals. Your planner will help you to work out which funding you can access. For example, to achieve the goal above, you can request Capacity Building funding. This will pay for things like exercise physiology, dietetics, physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and hydrotherapy.
  4. Once you get your plan, you can decide which provider you want to use. Wesley Mission Queensland provides all of these services and more.


Thinking about your goals

The first step to building your plan is to start thinking about your goals and how the services you currently receive help you to achieve those goals. Also think about whether you could benefit from any additional services to help you to achieve other goals.

We can help you work towards many different goals including getting a job, volunteering, having more social interaction, connecting with people your own age, being involved in activities, being part of the community, and improving health and wellbeing, among others.

Your goals might be any or all of the following:

  • I want to be fitter and more mobile
  • I want to get on better with my family
  • I want to improve my communication skills and build better relationships
  • I want to move out of my parent’s home and live as independently as possible
  • I want to be involved in more activities, join groups and be part of my community
  • I will need some transport support to get out and about
  • I want to I want to get work in something I love. I also want to volunteer
  • I want to get on top of my finances and learn to budget
  • I want to stay in the work I am doing
  • I want to explore my creative side and learn new things
  • I want to do more socially and connect with people my age
  • I want to start a small business in the arts
  • I want to improve my relationships skills
  • I want to use an interpreter to do more things in the community
  • I want someone to help me understand my NDIS package and help me select supports I am funded for
  • I want my child to have the therapy support he needs to improve his health and wellbeing
  • I want support for my child to do more things in the community with people her age
  • I want my child to have appropriate support at home so he can live his best life
  • I want my child to have some short stay breaks
  • I want to have some short stay breaks 


Your care, your way

With your plan in place, it’s time to start getting the support and care you need to live life your way.

Your NDIS plan gives you the flexibility to choose the providers you want to deliver the services you need. You can choose to self-manage your plan, or an NDIS local area coordinator can help manage the plan with you, and help you find local services and supports that you require.

The coordinator can also help you manage payments to providers, or you can do this yourself if you wish. Managing your plan is made easy through the participant portal, available through the myGov website. The participant portal will allow you to keep all your documents in one place and manage your funding by making payments through the portal.


Reviewing your plan

After 12 months, you will be able to review your plan and make any necessary changes. Your first 12 months will be a good time to assess how your plan is working, think about your goals and how they might change, and decide if you’re happy with your service providers.


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