National Interpreting and Communications Services


National Interpreting and Communications Services (NICSS) provides sign language interpreting services for the Deaf community, including hard of hearing people, who require interpreting assistance for certain professional and government appointments and activities.

Interpreters can be provided at:
  • Public hospitals, including:
    • Doctors' appointments
    • Outpatient clinics
    • On the ward
    • Overnight stays
    • Emergency department
  • Private hospitals, including:
    • On the ward
    • Overnight stays
  • Accountancy appointments
  • Conferences, meetings and events
  • Educational institutions
  • Employment appointments
  • Financial advisory meetings
  • Legal / mediation appointments
  • Police matters


    How to Access NICSS
    How can I access this service?

    To book an interpreter for an appointment, please visit the NICSS website

    Phone: 1800 24 69 45 (Free call)
    SMS: 0427 671 261 - iPhone or Android
    Fax: 1800 24 69 14 (Free)
    TTY (TeleType): 1800 246 948 (Free call)

    Complete the online booking form

    When is the service available?

    The service operates Monday to Friday from 8am until 6pm, excluding all national public holidays.

    How much does it cost?

    Standard interpreting fees

    (General interpreting such as community health, legal, meetings, police, public hospitals)

    • 1.5 hours standard minimum booking fee for a local interpreter is $229.35 (GST inclusive).
    • 2 hours booking fee for a local interpreter is $261.80 (GST inclusive)
    • Standard bookings excludes interpreting for court, conferences, some education institutions
    • Weekends and public holidays attract an additional fee.
    • For remote appointments where travel exceeds 200kms, NICSS will submit a quote for approval.
    • Bookings that may exceed 2 hours -  NICSS will submit a quote for approval
    • Working conditions policy (for NICSS interpreters):
      • Appointments lasting for 1.5 hourrs or more may require two interpreters, depending on the nature of the appointment. NICSS will confirm before processing your booking request.
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