Youngcare Wesley Mission Queensland Apartments Sinnamon Village

Youngcare WMQ Apartments Sinnamon Village

The Youngcare Wesley Mission Queensland Apartments in Sinnamon Park offers a supported, vibrant community and home to 17 young people living with a disability who have high and complex care needs.

Wesley Mission Queensland is the proud operator and manager of the apartments that provides 24-hour care and support for residents in modern age-appropriate accommodation. 

Each private apartment features:
  • Spacious bedrooms
  • Modern, open plan living areas 
  • Personal terrace or balcony
  • Plasma screen TV
  • Teleconferencing and video streaming capability
  • Air-conditioning and fans
  • Ceiling mount track and hoist system where needed
  • Self-opening and closing doors with proximity card readers
  • Personal meal options
  • Individual intercoms
  • A full size kitchen
  • 24-hour on call care

Facilities onsite include:

  • Massage therapy room
  • Modern family room
  • Outdoor BBQ area
  • Entertainment rooms
  • Plasma TVs and audio books
How can I access a service like Youngcare Wesley Mission Queensland apartments?

Youngcare Wesley Mission Queensland Apartments Sinnamon Village has achieved full occupancy. However if you're looking for long-term supported accommodation, call us on 1300 541 622 or fill in this form.

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