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Short term breaks

short term disability housing

Short term breaks offer people with varied medical care needs to have a break from their regular environment and enjoy respite. These breaks can be offered on a daily or weekly basis, with alternative arrangements negotiated if required.

What are the benefits of taking a short term break?

Short term breaks provide:

  • A fun, engaging and rewarding experience
  • The opportunity to meet new people
  • Respite and peace of mind for carers
  • A safe environment that meets all your care needs
Where are short term breaks offered?

Short term breaks are offered at:

Who can access the service?

To access the service you'll need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have a willingness to pay fee-for-service
  • Have varied care needs that can be appropriately supported in respite
  • Be aged between 18 and 65 years old
  • Be willing to meet with us to discuss your support needs

Stay options are flexible in terms of length - you may choose to stay for a few weeks at a time or perhaps for a couple of days on a regular basis.

How do I book a short term break?

For more information on short term breaks or to make a booking, please call us on 1300 541 622 or fill in this form.

When you call, the person taking your booking will discuss the following with you:

  1. Your eligibility
  2. Your individual care needs
  3. Your preferred date/s of respite

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