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Family Day Care


Family Day Care provides professional, safe, affordable and educational child care in small groups hosted at the home of educators. 

Family Day Care provides:

  • Weekday care
  • Emergency care
  • Before and after school care
  • Out of hours care such, as evenings and weekends

Why choose Family Day Care?

  • Hours can be flexible with some educators providing weekend  care
  • Care is performed in small groups
  • Educators can look after siblings 
  • You'll have access to playgroup opportunities
  • It provides personalised care for children and families in a comfortable and safe home based setting
  • There are diverse learning opportunities available in the home environment

The benefits of Family Day Care

The low ratio of one adult to four children allows educators to develop consistent relationships with you and your child while also enjoying a play-based curriculum that follows your child’s needs, promotes their learning and development and gives them the time to explore the world around them.

We value the opportunity to work in partnership with parents to ensure children are cared for in an environment that enhances their social, emotional and cognitive development and respects the diversity of culture and belief systems. 

Our educators

All Educators are registered with our Scheme and are required to follow education and care law and regulations, National Quality Standards and Wesley Mission Queensland policies and procedures. Educators are supported and monitored by Wesley Mission Queensland’s Family Day Care coordination team.


Our Family Day Care scheme has the capacity to provide education and care across the inner city and greater Brisbane suburbs, Ipswich, Bayside, Logan and Gold Coast. 

Our scheme office is located at Ashgrove and our coordinators visit all Educators regularly, maintaining consistent contact with them also via phone, email, newsletters and through contact at training and other activities including our annual child care conference. Educators also have access to Playgroups, Regional Gatherings and are grouped within Learning Hubs to facilitate support and professional development.

Fees and subsidies

Family Day Care educators set their own fees which are approved by the Wesley Mission Queensland Family Day Care coordination office. Their fee is based on their own Family Day Care Budget and includes a parent and educator levy charged by the scheme.

How to enrol

To enquire about vacancies or to enrol in Family Day Care contact our team on 07 3151 6160. 

Apply for Family Day Care

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