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Published Thursday 11 May 2017
  • Child Care, Youth and Families

As first time parents, and with both choosing to return to the workforce for 4 and 5 days per week, it made us evaluate what we considered as essential core values of intellectual and emotional development that we wish our son to experience and thrive from.

Having viewed multiple child care centres, all with various qualities, we really felt a connection with Donna and her Family Day Care service. First and foremost, Donna applies herself to each and every family to meet their daily needs and stimulate their child’s growth. Donna is always personable and interactive, providing a positive supportive environment for all her children.  We are delighted that our son is experiencing all the essential core values that we consider important in his development. 

As working parents we truly enjoy witnessing the connection our son has with Donna and her family.  We are thoroughly enjoying our Family Day Care experience and recommend frequently to new parents. 

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