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Published Monday 18 July 2016
  • Aged Care

The lass that interviewed me in hospital, she was the one that suggested Wesley as being very very good and I’ll thank her until my dying days that she did recommend Wesley because I couldn’t have gotten anything better from anybody else.

I’m able to do things, the cooking for myself, just about everything I can manage on my own. As for care in my home, Winn comes in on a Tuesday and we go down to West End or anywhere where I want to go she will drive me there. Every second Wednesday I have someone come in from Wesley to do some cleaning for me. Everything Winn does is from the heart. I’ve always wanted to stay in the unit for as long as I possibly can.

A home is a place of love and you have memories of all of that, why would one throw all of that away? The opportunity of those lovely memories. 

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