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Published Monday 6 March 2017
  • Aged Care
I heard about John Wesley Gardens through social media. It was prompted by my mother-in-law who had a stroke. She was in hospital and the staff there also mentioned John Wesley Gardens. We took steps to investigate and we were lucky to get my mother-in-law and father-in-law in quickly as it was an emergency situation.
The atmosphere is just a happy place to be, there is no sadness. It feels like home and it feels like the staff and other residents are all family. My experience so far has been exceptional. It has been above my expectations. I just can’t fault the staff at all, they think about every little detail. Just recently it was Valentine’s Day and the staff got all the couples together and did a beautiful Valentine’s Day luncheon with candle and champagne. It was so beautiful to see. Couples don’t stop being couples once they move into aged care, their love continues and that is truly understood here. 
- Belinda’s parents-in-laws are residents at John Wesley Gardens aged care community.
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