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Maureen Holmes
Main Content Anchor
  • Aged Care

I came to Queensland in 2005. I had started to get a bit weaker, I was falling over a bit, and I knew I couldn’t maintain a house by myself for much longer. Then at one stage I had two falls in three days, which was pretty bad. When the third fall happened, I went into hospital for three weeks and while I was there I had heart failure.

It was decided then that I couldn’t live at home by myself – I would need full time care. So I made up my mind that I would move into an aged care community.

It was unbelievable when I arrived here at Kentish Court. I had been feeling very emotional, struggling with this change in my life, and the staff were so welcoming. My son and I walked into the room that would be my new home and both thought – it’s huge!

They have a great range of activities here at Kentish Court and there’s always something to do. I particularly enjoy the music concerts. Sometimes I join the others in attending, but sometimes I just sit on the balcony and listen to the music drift up from downstairs. It’s lovely.

I really do believe that, for once in my life, I made the right decision. Being here is like having a bunny rug around you – a wonderful safety blanket. There’s always help and support when you need it. I’m as happy as a pig in mud!