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Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre


Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre is an established early learning hub in the Toowong community. For over 50 years we have been providing a safe, nurturing, stimulating, challenging, natural educational environment that fosters children to become independent and lifelong learners.  

Kindergarten Approved Program - Queensland Government                                                     Exceeding Quality Standard

Our service acknowledges the Turrbal people as the traditional custodians of the land and strives to make an inclusive and supportive environment for all children to play and grow in a safe and respectful environment.

We are an all-inclusive service, offering a rich educational program with an Approved Kindergarten Program for children aged 3.5 and over. Freshly cooked meals are prepared each day on site by our cook which include seasonal fruits, vegetables, and hot meals. We accommodate for individual children’s allergies and dietary requirements. Sunscreen is provided for all children, as well as nappies for those who require them.

Our Environment

Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre is situated close to Toowong Village in a beautifully renovated old Queenslander. Our spacious and natural playground allows opportunities for children of all ages to engage in active, risky and messy play as well as gardening, caring for pets and conducting their own inquiry-based learning projects. We believe that children benefit from learning in mixed-age environments as well as with others of their same age, and provide opportunities for both throughout the day.

Our Educators

Our exceptional team of Educators are highly qualified and passionate about children and their work with them. We believe children are unique and capable and we empower them to be protagonist, to hypothesis, to face challenges and continue to be and become the best versions of themselves.

Our Community Connections

Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre has strong connections with the local community. We welcome families and other community members to contribute their knowledge and skills to the program and celebrate family days together. Children frequently attend the Toowong Library for Storytime, as well as regularly visiting Jahjumbeen Kindergarten and Child Care Centre. Excursions are planned throughout the year in response to the interests of each class.

Our Learning Program

Our team of educators recognise that children learn through play and in relationship with each other. Using the Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline, we plan for children’s learning in an integrated way that supports their development in all learning areas, and gives them the opportunity to engage in emergent play, and inquiry-based learning. With a strong focus on risky and messy play, science, cultures, and artistic exploration, children learn about the wider world and discover the wonders it has to offer.

Approved Kindergarten Program

We believe that Kindergarten is an important year in a child’s learning journey. Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre offers an Approved Kindergarten Program delivered by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. The development of positive learning dispositions, independence, and curiosity is at the centre of our program, and building skills in key areas like literacy and numeracy are embedded in all aspects of the Kindergarten day.

Support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children to access an emergent, play-based program

Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre offers support for children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Our Auslan Language Model works alongside the other educators to support children’s inclusion to participate in play-based experiences, build meaningful friendships, whilst mindful of the needs for Auslan and/or English language acquisition and a strong sense of Deaf identity.


We'd love to show you around

If you'd like to take a tour or find out more about Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre, please come in and see us or call 07 3371 2232 to arrange a visit. 

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Opening hours

Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre is open Monday to Friday from 7.30am until 5.30pm.

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Learning Philosophy

At Toowong Kindergarten and Child Care Centre we believe children are unique, competent and capable learners. We want every child to have a positive and memorable early learning experience.

Our service provides safe, responsive learning environments and a dedicated team of passionate, qualified educators who nurture and support each child’s learning and development in the following rich and meaningful ways:

  • Every child experiences a sense of belonging and we create safe, nurturing and responsive environments for children and educators to explore and learn about the world together
  • We listen to children’s ideas and provide opportunities for them to extend on their interests, strengths and needs through ‘play’
  • We implement the Early Years Learning Framework, while our programs are a balance between child-initiated and teacher-initiated learning experiences
  • We value our team of educators and provide ongoing professional development opportunities to keep their practice current and responsive to each child’s learning and development
  • We build on established relationships with families and value feedback to build best practice and to be responsive to children and families
  • We facilitate small and large group learning experiences throughout the day
  • We create policies and procedures to promote equality and the health, safety and wellbeing of children, families, educators and members of our community
  • We employ educators who are passionate about their work with children and their own professional development as reflective practitioners
  • Our educators adopt flexible roles to nurture, guide, co-construct and promote children’s creativity in rich and meaningful ways
  • We acknowledge and respect the original owners of the land
  • We build on established relationships with families through mutual respect, trust and ongoing dialogue.
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