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The Gap Kindergarten and Child Care Centre

The Gap Kindergarten & Child Care Centre is conveniently located on Waterworks Road. Once entering, you'll be amazed with the natural space we've created, allowing children the to opportunity to explore the world around them, a place where they can climb trees, play in mud, garden and be with nature.

We're an all-inclusive service, providing nutritious, freshly cooked meals, as well as sunscreen, hats and nappies. 


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Our environment 

As you enter our centre, you’ll be greeted by the beautiful smells of home cooked food as Kim our cook prepares our meals for the day. All our meals are freshly prepared daily and approved by a nutritionist. We're well equipped to cater for children with allergies and share our recipes with our families. Our children also participate in cooking experiences within the learning program.

Our rooms are home like environments, where children are engaged in a variety of learning through play.  While each age group has their own special space, you'll find out that we are just one big family and there are regular interactions between groups, with all Educators getting to know each child.  We pride ourselves on our natural, warm and inviting environment, offering rich sensory opportunities. We encourage children to develop a sense of belonging and connectedness with nature.  

We host a number of family events throughout the year, creating strong connections between our Educators and families, and the wider community. We have strong connections with local community groups and our children regularly participate in excursions and incursions. We encourage family involvement such as special persons days, grandparent morning teas, Kindergarten celebrations and more.


Our Educators

We've got a wonderful team of Educators at The Gap Kindergarten and Child Care Centre. In fact, they're one of our greatest assets. With a very low turnover in staff, our qualified Educators are all involved in professional development plans, with some Educators undertaking further studies. We're proud of the diverse range of cultures amongst our team.  


Our learning program

We view children as competent and capable learners who can confidently take part and provide input in planning and implementing their own learning experiences. Children will get to explore and play using resources that will stimulate their senses of curiosity and discovery. We're guided by the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Standards and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline to inform our practice. We have high expectation of our children and provide a challenging program that'll see them develop life-long skills they can develop. We also place a strong focus on emotional and social resilience. 


Approved Kindergarten program

The Gap Kindergarten & Child Care Centre provides parents with a Kindergarten program operating five days a week. It's implemented by our Kindergarten teacher Kate who holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) and is fully registered with the Queensland College of Teachers. Kate is supported by other experienced and qualified staff. All our Educators develop warm, sensitive, responsive relationships with children to help promote the children’s development, learning and wellbeing. We encourage a variety of experiences and moments to teach throughout the day. We strongly believe that the Kindergarten year is a time where the foundation of learning for children can be set to foster positive learning for life. 


We’d love to show you around

We encourage you to come and view The Gap Kindergarten and Child Care Centre to experience our sense of community and what we can offer your family. 

Please come in or call us on 07 3510 1802 to arrange a visit.

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Opening hours

The Gap Kindergarten and Child Care Centre is open Monday to Friday from 7am until 5:30pm. 

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Learning Philosophy
Our Vision 

That each child feels valued as unique, competent and capable and receives a positive and memorable early learning experience. We are proud to come together on Turrubal Land and we acknowledge the Turrubal people as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we meet. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait people and their Elders-past, present and emerging.  We promise to look after the land, the animals, the sky, the water and the people too. 


At The Gap Kindergarten & Child Care Centre, we believe that every person is an individual with a unique way of being in the world.  We acknowledge that people are shaped by the community that they have come from and that experiences such as religion, culture are all a central part of a person’s identity.  We believe that we should recognise and celebrate diversity in all its forms, challenge biases and actively engage in making sure we are implementing an anti-bias curriculum.  We believe that we should feel comfortable in embedding multiple perspectives in our programme and find creative ways to work together. 


We believe very strongly in the intrinsic value of play, that when children are allowed to play they can explore concepts, ideas and materials in a way that is fun, engaging and personally motivating. That when children play they are able to experience a sense of security and at the same time are able to challenge themselves in a way that meets their individual’s needs. That Educators help strengthen play by being co-constructors, guides and facilitators of children’s play; and most importantly through play children experience a sense of security, wonder and belonging. 


We are very proud to be part of our local community and recognise that it has a unique identity. We actively explore ways to make deep and meaningful connections with individuals, groups and places.   We believe that our service should be a reflection of a community where people feel welcome and we encourage positive community values such as looking for ways to make sure people feel safe, included and respected. We are committed to finding ways that community members can be involved in our decision making processes.


At the Gap Kindergarten & Child Care Centre, we believe in creating a warm home like environment, where children develop relationships with caring, professional Educators who are emotionally responsive to each child as an individual. We value our opportunity to combine children of different ages as we believes this gives the centre a family like feel and allows children to develop their own sense of nurturing each other.  We believe that all children should feel valued and nurtured by every member of our team.


We encourage children to be explorers, to find challenges and to take risks. We believe that each child has the right to a fun-filled childhood where they can investigate their environment, play in mud, climb trees and engage in all types of play. We believe that through exploration and risk-taking children learn persistence, emotional resilience and a sense of confidence as they develop their knowledge about the world around them. We believe in continuous improvement, to grow and challenge ideas for both children and Educators alike. We encourage Educators to be innovative in their practice and support ongoing development.


We are proud to be able to provide children with a natural play space where children can engage in a range of experiences and form strong personal connections to the natural world.  Our service looks for ways that we can build sustainable practices as part of our everyday routines. We are also strongly committed to making sure that our inside environments are reflective of the values we hold for our outdoor space.

We believe that we should be continuously looking for ways that we can encourage sustainability and exemplify behaviour for future generations.  We believe that forming a strong connection to the natural world will help develop a sense of environmental awareness in our children.


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