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Stained glass windows

About the stained glass windows


Albert Street Uniting Church has a number of stained glass windows, some dating back to 1889 and some installed in the mid to late 20th Century. This page is dedicated to their story and history.

As we uncover more about the windows we will update the information. 

If you can assist us with more information about any of the windows, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Eastern transept


Set of four windows with the centre two depicting Jesus teaching. The outer two windows show vine with grapes and lilies. The inscription states: 'In memoriam – E T Campbell.'


Set of four windows with the centre two depicting Ruth and Naomi with the words “Entreat me not to leave thee, For whither thou goest. I will go”. Outer two windows show grapes and lilies. The inscription states: In Memoriam – M E Campbell.

Eastern side aisle

“Enter into His Courts with Praise”. Set of nine windows in groups of three.  All of these windows are in memory of men and women killed during World War II.


Set 1, Left to right: Sir Launcelot: “A man of strength and will to right the wrong”. Figure of Christ: “The Light of the World”. Sir Tristram: “Fear God and Honour the King”. Dedicated to: In proud and affectionate memory of F/O Bruce Lionel Poole RAAF, KIA 27/1/1945.


Set 2, Left to right: Sir Bors: “Ever loyal man and true”. Figure of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane: “I am the Way”. Sir Galahad: “If I loose myself, I save myself”.  Main Inscription:  He sought the Glory of his country, He sees the Glory of his God”. Dedicated to: In treasured memory of F/O Douglas Wheller RAAF 29/3/44.


Set 3, Left to right: King Arthur, Figure of the Risen Christ: “Come unto me”,  St George. To the Glory of God and in gratitude to the men and women who, under God saved our land from invasion 1939-1945.  Eric Ferguson, Alan Howson, Douglas Wheller, Bruce Poole, Marcus Bensley, John Russell, James Allen, Neville Beacham, Leonard Phillips.

Methodist Order of Knights

Why are there Knights in the stained glass windows?

In response to declining numbers of older youth in the Methodist Church, Alec Bray started a new youth group movement: the Methodist Order of Knights in NSW in 1915. It was based on a combination of the legend of King Arthur and Christian ideals and targeted boys aged 10 to 14. It proved to be very popular and by 1935 there were 226 active ‘courts’ growing to 41,772 members by 1941 throughout Australia. The Order had official uniforms, regalia, secret handshakes and even passwords! It ran for 72 years in Queensland until closing in 1987 and the Order’s motto was – Live Pure, Speak True, Right Wrong.

A plaque on the church’s western wall illustrates the Knight’s badge and lists the Knight’s laws:

  1. A Knight is a sincere believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and King.

  2. A Knight regards the true purpose of his life to be the constant endeavour to live up to the best of which he is capable, Physically, Mentally, Socially and Spiritually, with the help of Jesus Christ.

  3. A Knight is loyal to the Queen, to all constituted authority in Church and State, and to the Officers and members of the Order.

  4. A Knight is honourable in all his dealings, fulfilling his promises and pledges faithfully; and speaking and acting with a strict observance of truth.

  5. A Knight acknowledges the responsibilities of his citizenship, and seeks to prepare himself for the social duties which lie before him.

  6. A Knight is courteous and kindly in his relations with all people, whether they be rich or poor, remembering that “one is your Master and ye are brethren”.

  7. A Knight is chaste in conversation and conduct, and ever seeks that personal purity without which no man can see God.

For more information read Methodism in Australia: A History edited by Glen O'Brien, Hilary M. Carey (2015) and The Methodist Order of Knights and the Methodist Girls’ Comradeship: Formation of the Orders: Growth, Decline and Legacy in South Australia by G.W Potter (1997).

Western transept


Set of four Windows – One central window depicts Christ with words “I am the true vine, Ye are the branches”. Second central window shows fire burning diseased vine. The two side windows show vine with grapes.  Inscription – He lived for others. In loving memory of W H Green OBE 1879-1968

Western side aisle


Set of three windows Left to right: Figure of St Andrew. Figure of Christ – “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men”. Figure of St Peter.  In memoriam of John and Kate E Reid and their daughter Hilda M. Hicks, life long members of this church.  “The children rise up and call them blessed”.


Set of three windows:  Depict the “The Last Supper”. "Do this in Remembrance of Me,” to the Glory of God and in memory of William Moore and the founders of this Church - The best of All is God is with Us. 1847-1947.


Set of three windows depicting Christ preaching to a crowd of people in modern dress. Inscriptions “Go and make disciples” and “I have commanded you” are within the design. This window is in memory of Matthew Reid who for many years was a devoted member of this Church and served as Hon Treasurer for 36 years 1940-1976.

Upstairs at Albert Street Uniting Church, the beautiful windows continue. The gallery section is only open on special occasions and during Brisbane's Open House program. Check our news and events page to see when the next Open House is being held.

Eastern gallery

Set of three windows depicting Christ ascending, with watching disciples. Left panel: “I ascend unto my Father”. Central panel: Christ blessing the Disciples as He ascends. Right panel: other disciples, with inscription “and your Father”. In abiding remembrance of our Parents’ lives of devoted service and example. Rev William Henry Harrison 1860-1947 and Evangeline Harrison 1856-1926. Called to higher Service, Their works do follow them.


Single window: Baptism of Jesus given in loving Memory of William and Lily Bowering, by their family.


Single window – "The best of all is God is with us" depicting an image of John Wesley. In loving memory of Edith Lilian Capern 1904-1991.

Eastern transept gallery

Set of two windows believed to be from the Second Albert Street Church. Left panel: Prince of Wales feathers and leaf design “Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy”. Right panel: Prince of Wales feathers and flowers design “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving”.

Western transept gallery

Set of two windows believed to be from the second Albert Street Church. Left panel: “How amiable are Thy tabernacles O' Lord of Hosts”.  On right panel, text: “Bless ye the Lord and magnify Him forever.”

Southern gallery

This window was installed and dedicated in the church on the occasion of the Centenary Celebration in 1989.  Depicting the church itself and the people, with Christ overlooking both and all Brisbane city.  It was kindly donated by the Laws family. The image on the left is of the full window while on the right is a detail.

Above the doors


 The Uniting Church in Australia logo in our entry doors.


"I am the Bread of Life" window – above one of the transept doors.


"I am the True Vine" window above one of the transept doors.


 Lilies featured above the doors in two locations.